During the first day of the Dubai Show, McLaren presented a new and special one-off. Based on the recent Mclaren 720S, the British Special Operations Department (MSO) has made small but striking changes in the aesthetic configuration of the sport.McLaren has only prepared one copy with this configuration, so it was presented as a one-off and the reason for its creation was a special request received by MSO. The customer, of unknown identity, will receive the vehicle as soon as he finishes the Dubai Salon.This McLaren 720S distinguishes itself solely and exclusively by its exterior decoration and interior configuration. In terms of the chassis the mechanical part is identical to the other models of the model, so it does not present any new technicalities. It differs by using the attractive black paint ‘Zenith Black’ with satin finish, in combination with details in gold, as in the wheels and the rear aerofólio. This color also extends to the cabin and engine room, where a thermal shield is made in 24 carat gold.This combination of colors is very striking and extends to a lesser extent to the interior and jeep wrangler covers, where a whole black cabin with a few touches of gold appears. The combination includes leather and Alcantara in black with some carbon surfaces and elements in sight, with touches of gold on the steering wheel and door panels.One of the most important details of this preparation is the rear aerofoil, where a famous quote from Bruce McLaren, the founder of McLaren, was reproduced with Arabic characters. The characters were made in gold on the surface of the aerofoil and simulating the profile of the skyscrapers of Dubai. The quotation says: “Life is measured in conquests, not just in years.”


Liberty Walk will once again choose the McLaren 650S for yet another of their jobs, although this time the result is closer to a McLaren P1 than the 650S mentioned.As always the result is brutal, like the other programs of the Japanese preparer. In addition, the finish that appears in relation to the color combination reminds even more of the large P1. Therefore, for those who are not satisfied with the McLaren 650S series finish, this may be an alternative.The highlight of this preparation are its large wheel arches, its radical bumpers and the large rear aerofoil. These accessories resemble the P1 GTR, a version that equips a similar aerofoil. In the same way, the preparation shows a combination of colors that also resembles the McLaren P1, although in this case the normal version. Finally, the black forged wheels with chrome details stand out.


A few hours after introducing the new 720S in Geneva, McLaren unveiled the first special version of the model prepared by the McLaren Special Operations division, better known by its acronym: MSO.Named Velocity by MSO, this new version is the living example of the capabilities of the new model, since it will serve as a showcase of the possibilities of the customization program. The brand did not reveal, but certainly not made technical changes, only aesthetic, therefore, we are facing an exercise of official personalization.The car has a color scheme called Velocity, hence the name of the edition, which is formed by two types of red with pearlescent finish. The red also appears on some surfaces that have a carbon finish, which is why different textures and shades of red are found in various parts of the model’s body.Contrast the bronze-colored alloy wheels and part of the passenger compartment, like some other elements, in black. Carbon fiber is present in several elements, both exterior and interior, and in the passenger compartment we find red elements such as panel, seats and door panels.The price of this customization has not been revealed but is estimated to be around £ 350,000. The copy of the images is present at the stand of the British brand in Geneva.


With all the production of the McLaren 675LT virtually exhausted since its launch, the time has come for an even more extreme and exclusive model. This is the McLaren MSO HS, which appears officially after its first images have been leaked. Created by the McLaren Special Operations division, it will be limited to only 25 copies.Each of the McLaren MSO HS will be specially customized to the customer’s taste. Based on the McLaren 675LT itself – with much larger production, with 1,000 units in total, half for the coupe and a few for the convertible – it comes equipped with the 3.8-liter twin-turbo M838TL V8 engine and develops 688 hp, increasing its horsepower in 13 hp.Its acronym HS is the initials of ‘High Sport’, and if we leave aside the spectacular McLaren P1 and any of its versions, we are in front of the more sporty and oriented model of the circuit of all the current production of Woking. Its aerodynamics are specific, being able to generate a downforce of 220 kg at 240 km / h, and includes a vent for its ceiling.Several elements present on the exterior of the McLaren MSO HS are made of carbon fiber, such as the roof itself, the front bumper, the side skirts and a large rear adjustable aerofoil, reminiscent of the McLaren P1 GTR. The sporty exhaust of titanium is also a novelty in this model.The McLaren MSO HS will feature the brand’s telemetry system as standard, allowing you to collect data to improve fast circuit laps. It will be offered with a full Alcantara tapestry for your interior, although the leather is available to order. Their ‘bucket’ seats come from the P1, and thanks to their carbon fiber structure they save 15 kg of weight.The price of the McLaren MSO HS has not been reported yet, although it matters little. It will certainly be very high, but this has not prevented each of the 25 copies that will be manufactured are already reserved in advance for traditional customers of the brand.


These are the last two creations of McLaren Special Operations, the MSO R Coupe and Spider, a one-man work that demonstrates once again the British brand’s ability to design, develop and create unique interpretations of McLaren models, fulfilling the exact requirements of the owner. MSO’s functions extend beyond paint colors, materials and finishes as they work together with McLaren designers and engineers to modify body components, as well as make specific modifications to the engine and transmission, all to meet the desires of your customers. This philosophy is not new, as it is followed by all British luxury manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley, and in the case of McLaren is no different with MSO. Five years ago Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance presented  McLaren X-1 , a special creation for a customer who deserved to be shown to the public at that event.The MSO R Coupe and Spider are technically and stylistically identical except for the paint finish: shiny on the Coupe and Satin on the Spider. The ‘Liquid Silver’ color wears the bodies of both with a central strip of carbon fiber that extends longitudinally through the hood. Based on the 675LTs, they feature the same two-piece rear spoiler design with flat front spoilers to improve aerodynamic performance, as well as the front bumper, hood, roof, rear engine cover and rearview mirror arms, are made from natural carbon fiber. Details in red appear very discrete in the front splitter, the edge of the side skirts and the ‘R’ of the rocker cover. Besides that,Dashboard, door panels and transmission tunnel are lined in black Alcantara with contrasting stitching in red, a combination that reverses the seats and features the ‘MSO R’ logo embroidered in black on the head rests. The top and bottom of the steering wheel rim is natural carbon fiber – on the top a vertical strip in red – with the sides lined in black Alcantara. The interior decoration also plays with the contrast of the black color in function of its finish, shiny in the buttons and satin with carbon fiber in the controls of the air conditioning, and as usual in this type of unique creations, the two units count on a plaque that reinforces its authenticity and exclusivity as a work of MSO.The engine could not be less, being personalized with touches of blue color. One notable detail is the higher exhaust system, increasing the length of the exhaust channels ending with polished titanium outlets by hand. This modification in the exhaust system allowed to increase the power in 15 hp in the eight-cylinder V-engine and 3.8-liter with twin turbo M838TL. It also has a seven-speed automatic double clutch transmission, and reaches a maximum power of 690 hp.A job like this does not have a set price. In addition, McLaren never divulges the prices paid by its customers on the exclusive models. But if we take into account that the price of the 675LT Coupe is 277,000 pounds and the 675LT Spider reaches 353,000 pounds, surely each MSO R unit will easily surpass the 400,000 pounds sterling, something like 1.68 million reals.


McLaren will unveil this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, a unique version called 570GT by MSO Concept. The name refers to the McLaren Special Operations division, which customizes the different models of the brand.This unit will be in the event to be a kind of showcase of options available to its customers. The 570GT by MSO Concept comes with a series of innovations that reinforce its sporting character and at the same time show the refinement of a comfortable GT. An example of the improved features is the electrochromic drive ceiling that allows to alter the darkening of the top glass and thus prevent excessive heating of the interior.Other highlights include the distinctive 675LT-inspired, clearer exhaust system, made of titanium, and therefore about 30% lighter than the original stainless steel component, and its color also varies: thermal protection in golden color, visible through the rear air extractors and that change their color as it warms – from gold to blue / purple.On the exterior, the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept gets a ‘Pearl White’ paint, complemented by bright black elements for a more powerful visual contrast, as seen on the spoiler, wheels, skirts and air intakes on the doors, plus various elements of the interior, such as the ventilation outlets. In addition, in addition to these, the cabin is still dominated by carbon fiber – in the doors and central console – and the leather coverings of Saddle Tan, a kind of brown. Among the luxury equipment, the 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system is also featured.

Presented as the most refined and versatile McLaren, this 570GT offers 370 liters of luggage capacity, 150 in the front and 220 behind the seats, which can be accessed from the rear window. In addition, the suspension and steering are more oriented to comfort, being mostly regulated for use on the road.The engine is the same 3.8-liter V8 with 570 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, delivered to the rear wheels from a seven-speed dual clutch transmission with three modes of operation – Normal, Sport and Track – according to the point of use. With an empty weight of 1,350 kg, the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds and reaches the maximum speed of 328 km / h.